Local professional photographers, Reed and Jay Takaaze, recently opened Takaaze Art Gallery in Hilo. Its location is adjacent to Reed Takaaze Photography Studio at 1420 Kilauea Ave. 

The Takaaze brothers specialize in capturing the landscape and nature of Hawai’i Island at its finest and fiercest moments. Their search for these flashes of beauty takes them across a multitude of diverse terrains, including volcanic deserts, cloud-tipped mountains, lush rainforests and serene shorelines.

"Our goal at Takaaze Art Gallery is not only to provide outstanding artwork for the walls in your home or office, but also to immerse you in familiar scenes. Scenes that will evoke memories and continually remind you of what a privilege it is to be living in such an exceptionally beautiful place. It's an opportunity to share photographic art that preserves the uniqueness of our island." 

Hawai'i Island has always been the Takaaze brother's home. They grew up in a plantation camp in Papaikou, where their dad worked for the Onomea Sugar Plantation on the Hamakua Coast. 

"We grew up spending most of our time outdoors, exploring up and down the rivers, at the ocean, in the forests, cane fields, pastures and wherever nature called from. We went swimming, fishing, picking opihi, coconuts, guavas, rosy apples, etc., literally living off the land. We'd leave our house in the morning with nothing more than the t-shirt and shorts we were wearing. All Mama would tell us, "Make sure you're home before dark." How fortunate we are to have grown up here. But no matter if you were born or moved here, much of what draws and keeps us here is the diversity and mana of our island."

We hope that through our images, we can instill a sense of respect and awe for our island, as well as its community and environment. Such a feeling only comes naturally while enjoying life in paradise.

Many will recognize Reed and Jay Takaaze from their four decades of serving the photographic needs of Big Islanders. Their love of photography and dedication to capture and share our special island with all has grown even greater.