Where are you located?
1420 Kilauea Ave. Hilo, HI 96720 (click for map)

What are your hours of operation?

Takaaze Art Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM HST.

What is Takaaze Art Gallery?

Takaaze Art Gallery is a culmination of Hawai'i Island fine art images at its best by Master Photographers Reed and Jay Takaaze. With over 40 years of photographic experience, Takaaze Art Gallery sells Limited Edition photographic artwork across the world.

Who are Reed and Jay Takaaze?

Reed and Jay Takaaze are brothers and were the co-founders of Reed and Jay Photography. Their pursuit of landscape images has taken them to various places around the world. The visual artistry of their photographs is born of their keen eyes to light, composition and a story-telling image. The Takaaze brothers became enamored with the landscapes Hawai'i Island has to offer.

One of One Edition

One of One Edition are exclusive, one-of-a-kind images that have been selected and signed by Reed or Jay Takaaze. They are considered to be among their most rare and valuable works of art — embodying a legendary career in landscape photography. These images are usually acquired by the most avid of Takaaze brothers' collectors.

What is a Limited Edition?

Limited Edition means that there will only be a pre-determined number of prints produced of each photograph. Once the edition sells out, there will never be another reprint of that photograph. Takaaze Art Gallery Limited Edition come in multiple sizes ranging from 10-100 signed prints.

Will you ever re-publish a Limited Edition artwork?

Absolutely not. Each edition is produced in limited numbers never to be reproduced.

Does the price of the artwork change over time?

Print prices accelerate as each individual print is sold for each specific image. Purchasing early guarantees you are also receiving the most competitive pricing available.

Is the art signed?

Yes, each art piece is signed and numbered by the creator of the image. Each print also comes with a certificate of authenticity.